Another €266 million pushed into building affordable homes faster

The Cabinet is investing another 266 million euros into speeding up the construction of mainly affordable homes. The money will go to 30 projects spread over the country, which aim to create almost 45 thousand homes by 2023, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations announced on Thursday.

67 percent of those homes will fall in the affordable category. This includes social rental homes, homes with a mid-level rent between 700 and 1,000 euros, and homes with a purchase price below the national mortgage guarantee limit.

The 30 plans together face a shortfall of around 600 million euros. In addition to the national government, provinces and municipalities are also contributing to realize these plans.

The government grant comes from the housing incentive. On Budget Day 2019, the cabinet made 1 billion euros available to accelerate housing plans and enable the construction of more affordable homes.

Minister Kasja Ollongren of Home Affairs aimed to realize 65 thousand new homes faster with that money, and she is exceeding that goal. In September 2020, the government released the first 335 million euros to build 51 thousand homes faster. The counter now stands at 95 thousand homes and a third investment round is yet to come.

Of the 30 construction projects currently being funded, 11 will be realized on former industrial estates. Seven involve building more homes around train stations. Three of the projects are in The Hague, one in Amsterdam, and one in Eindhoven.

The construction projects in this housing incentive investment round:

  1. Alphen aan den Rijn: Rijn-Rijnhaven East Harbor Front
  2. Amersfoort: Hoefkwartier
  3. Amstelveen: Legmeer
  4. Amsterdam: IJburg 2nd phase
  5. Den Haag: Assumburgweg/LEVELS
  6. Den Haag: De Venen
  7. Den Haag: ICT Security Campus
  8. Dordrecht: Spuiboulevard
  9. Dronten: Hanzekwartier phase 2
  10. Ede: Veluwse Poort
  11. Eindhoven: District E
  12. Enschede: Boulevardzone
  13. Geldorp-Mierlo: Centrum Geldorp
  14. Groningen: Statdshaven Groningen
  15. Haarlem: Zuidwest Development Zone
  16. Haarlemmermeer: Pionier-Bolsterrein
  17. Hardewijk: Waterfront 3rd phase
  18. Heerlen: Urban Wonen Heerlen
  19. Helmond: Brainport Smart District
  20. Hengelo: Station area
  21. Hilversum: Station area
  22. Leiden: Campus/Station area
  23. Nijmegen: Winkelsteeg
  24. Tilburg: Stappegoor
  25. Woerden: Poort van Woerden
  26. Zaanstad: Zaanstad Noord
  27. Zoetermeer: Entree
  28. Zuidplas: Middengebied area development
  29. Zwijndrecht: Stationskwartier
  30. Zwolle: Zwartewateralle